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Celebrating Women Who Ride in May 2021

Woman on ATV

May 1st marks the International Female Ride Day, celebrated in over 120 countries across the globe. This date  is dedicated to female riders, whether you’re cruising on a Polaris ATV, motorcycle, or race car.  The beauty of being apart of this special day for drivers across the world is one goal: to ride. The creator of International Female Ride Day is Vicki Gray, who had a dream of visibility for women in the motorsports and power sports industry and the urgency for women’s voices to be heard loud and proud.


How Can You Participate?

It’s simple — just ride! You can find multiple banners or print outs for your vehicle here to show your support and that you’re riding for a cause.

Before your ride, make sure to plan advance for inclement weather or unexpected delays. If you’re traveling on your own, make sure your location is shared or you’ve let a friend or family member know your route.


As Grand Canyon Rentals Adventures approaches its one year anniversary, we want to support our female riders in any way we can. It is inspiring to see females of all ages hit the trails and share their love of riding. We will continue to support Polaris Adventures’ mission to boost the female riders and do our part!

If you can’t join us on May 1st, we encourage everyone to plan a visit to explore and appreciate the beauty of the Grand Canyon, while adventuring in thrilling style. Book your next ATV adventure with us today visiting the Grand Canyon Rentals Adventures official website. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram or Facebook to have your post shared!