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Free Entrance Days in 2022

Polaris ATV at the Grand Canyon Entrance

Every year, National Parks across the country welcome visitors with Free Entrance Days! In 2022, Grand Canyon National Park will offer five days throughout the course of the year to skip the entrance fees! 

Our first Free Entrance Day will be on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day on January 17. See the full list below: 

January 17 – MLK Jr. Day

April 16 – First Day of National Park Week

August 4 – Anniversary of the Great American Outdoors Act

September 24 – National Public Lands Day

November 11 – Veteran’s Day

view over the Grand Canyon at sunrise

Entrance fees contribute nearly $170 million each year to parks throughout the country. This money is used to maintain, repair, and restore habitats, while keeping public facilities in working order. While including visitors that go to local businesses and tourism, national parks added an estimated $14.5 million to their economy with their travel! 

In Arizona, you can take advantage of the free entrance days at three parks: Grand Canyon National Park, Petrified Forecast National Park, and Saguaro National Park.

If you’re looking to visit the Grand Canyon on a Free Entrance Day in 2022, give us a call to plan your perfect adventure and skip the line at the South Rim Entrance!