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Get to Know the National Park Service

a canyon that has a sign on the side of a mountain

Each year for the National Park Service’s birthday, all entrance fees are waived for the day! In 2020, this day falls on Tuesday, August 25. Visit the park and breeze through the entry for a quick & easy adventure!

Want to know more about the National Park Service? We’ve got you covered!

There were only 35 national monuments when the National Park Service was created in 1916. Today, there are 140 national monuments and parks. This includes battle sites, recreation sites, seashores and more!

The National Park Service protects over 84 million acres of historic sites and landmarks.

National parks contain at least 247 species of threatened or endangered plants and animals, more than 75,000 archeological sites, and nearly 27,000 historic and prehistoric structures.

The Grand Canyon National Park is the second most visited park in the United States, falling only behind the Great Smokey Mountains.

National Parks home two of the largest living things: Sequoia trees and Alaskan brown bears.

Over 290 million people visit National Parks & Monuments each year. Most of the money collected is put back into the park by protecting certain areas and repairs that are needed.

Yellowstone National Park is the oldest park in the United States, dating back to it’s declaration in 1872.

In the early years, the National Park Service did very little to keep bears from obtaining human food. Bears would eat right out of dumpsters and visitors were encouraged to watch!

Now that you know more about the National Park Service, plan your next trip to visit the Grand Canyon National Park and see for yourself what an impact the National Park Service has on Arizona!

view of the Grand Canyon