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International Female Ride Day 2022

Woman on ATV

Each May, female riders across the globe come together to celebrate International Female Ride Day. This day wouldn’t be possible with Vicki Gray, who started the cause to highlight female riders in the power sports industry. This year, join in on May 7th to take part in this amazing event. Together, we work hand in hand to not only inspire, but teach young females the ropes, so they can be a part of next generation who ride — full of excitement and knowledge!


Another great part of working in communities is having events to meet face to face and get to know the riders in your area! International Female Ride Day has built lots of momentum over the years, creating strong networks of women throughout the globe. Women from all professions and walks of life can come together on May 7th, a day dedicated to them, and to share their passions. 

Vicki Gray, founder and Director of Motoress, saw the need to shine light on females in the powersports industry after many years of being a part of it herself! 

two people riding an ATV

Join our sister company, Glen Canyon Powersports, in Page, Arizona, to get together and join our family! In celebration of International Female Ride Day on Saturday, May 7, we’re proud to partner with Polaris Adventures to give away free rides to the first two women that visit select locations* for an adventure. Book online, show up for your adventure and your ride might be free at participating Outfitters — including our Glen Canyon location!

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