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Make the Grand Canyon Educational


Every great vacation includes relaxation and sightseeing, but what about making your trips educational for your kids? With so much history and iconic views, the Grand Canyon National Park is the perfect place to plan your next vacation!

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The Grand Canyon Visitor’s Center Park Store is a must-see staple when entering the Grand Canyon. You’ll find more than just souvenirs – endless amounts of books, hiking gear, hiking maps, jewelry and more waiting for you! This store is an official nonprofit of the Grand Canyon, so your money will be spent well.

Once you’ve made it through the Grand Canyon South Rim Entrance, you’re welcomed by some of the best views of the canyon. Starting at Mather Point, walk along the trail with views stretching for miles away. You can continue along this path and find the Trail of Time. This is one of the most educational parts, especially for children, because each stop leads you to new information about the Grand Canyon. Examples of each stone and rock are displayed with what type they are and how long they have been at the canyon. This is a great spot for curious kids who want to learn more!

Before you arrive, a helpful tip is to familiarize yourself with the shuttle bus routes. These shuttles are free and can take you almost anywhere you want to go! Each point along the route will have a bus come around every 15 minutes. While many paths are easily walkable, this can help you if you’re trying to see more in less time!

The Yavapai Museum of Geology is a wonderful place to visit, especially if you are visiting in the cooler months and want to keep warm while learning. Huge windows lead you to views of the Grand Canyon paired with three dimensional models that help explain how the canyon walls were formed. A fun activity for everyone is taking in their large, 3D map that helps you understand the layout, scale and nature of the Grand Canyon.

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After you’ve ventured through the educational sites, plan to rent one of our Polaris ATV’s so you can go on your own adventure. You can pick your pre-loaded route to see the Grand Canyon or the Kaibab National Forest! Riding the trails is a completely different experience and introduces you to more of the nature, wildlife and landscape of the area! When you arrive at our storefront, locals will be there to help you from beginning to end. Have a question while you’re out riding? Don’t worry – give us a call and we’re happy to help you.

Fall at the Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful times to visit and sure to give the entire family something to look forward to! Grand Canyon Rentals offers a variety of rooms and RV campers to fit everyone in your party. Don’t forget to check out Specials page before you book to make sure you’re saving.