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Top Reasons to Visit the Grand Canyon in the Summer


Polaris ATV at the Grand Canyon National Park


While we’re looking ahead to summer months, it’s time to plan a summer vacation, too! On top of being one of the Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon offers a remarkable setting to explore locally owned small businesses and enjoy the views. Whether you’re an avid hiker or diehard foodie, the Grand Canyon truly offers something for everyone!

  1. Seeing the Grand Canyon
    This may be obvious, but whether you have visited the Grand Canyon before or this is your first time, nearly everyone who visits mentions that it’s more breathtaking than photos let on. The colors, terrain, and nature landscape make it hard to capture in one photo, but that’s what makes seeing it in person even better! You’ll find many viewpoints throughout the park to experience different angles. Our Polaris ATVs also offers a unique view, as you can choose your own route to get to the infamous spots in the park! You’ll also have a chance to see the Grand Canyon’s spectacular wildlife and nature!
  2. Visiting Locally Owned Businesses
    The Grand Canyon is special because most of the small, locally owned businesses offer housing for people working in the area. Everyone is a local and has a true love for the Grand Canyon and all that it offers. Whether you’re stopping by We Cook Pizza and Pasta or the Grand Canyon Brewery, you are sure to find someone who knows secret spots and advice to where to go!
  3. Experience History Like Nowhere Else
    Much of the history that happened in the early 1900s has been preserved, thanks to Theodore Roosevelt’s love for the Grand Canyon and making it a National Monument in 1908. One of the most famous places for tourists is the El Tovar Hotel, which was built in 1905. At the time, the El Tovar was considered the fanciest hotel west of the Mississippi River. It has hosted many famous names over the years, like Albert Einstein, Bill Clinton, Sir Paul McCartney, and Oprah Winfrey! You can also head over to the Bright Angel Lodge, built in 1935 by Mary Coulter, who designed many any buildings around the Grand Canyon. She also built the Hopi House, which was the first and largest gift shop, to closely resemble the traditional Hopi pueblo.
  4. The Microclimates Will Amaze You
    Whether you’re hiking, riding, or rafting around the Grand Canyon, you’re sure to witness the ever changing weather. The huge changes in elevation create different weather patterns. You may experience changes in temperature as great as 5 degrees per 1,000 feet drop in elevation. This is why we always encourage our guests to pack layers!
  5. Travel By Train
    While traveling by train has been a thing of the past, it’s alive and well at the Grand Canyon Railway! The railway stretches 64 miles, between Williams and the South Rim Entrance. Built in 1901, it truly takes you back in time with it’s vintage features, and shows off the northern Arizona landscape as you travel!


We can’t wait to welcome you to the Grand Canyon National Park this summer. It’s the perfect place to stay safe and enjoy the great outdoors! If you’re looking to book your room, check out our affordable, family-friendly rentals. You can also book your ATV on our website and complete the forms online, so you only have to show your ID check in! While you are planning your grand adventure, call us any time with questions along the way. We’re happy to help you plan the best vacation possible!


Grand Canyon and Colorado River

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