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Virtual Tours at The Grand Canyon

rafting kayak floating down the Grand Canyon river

While we are all navigating through quarantine life, virtual tours have become a new hit in our lives. We all love to enjoy the simple pleasure of exploring a place we’ve always wanted to see from the comfort of our couch! We also always appreciate that the kids can go at their own pace and have fun with virtual toursI So what if you’ve always wanted to hike through the Grand Canyon? Or narrow down your to-do list once you’re here? We’ve rounded up the best virtual tours in our area!

The Canyon walls can be explored, discovered and examined in three different virtual field trips. This tours also includes a video from top scientists, so you’ll learn more than just on an average hike! Dive into remote areas that may not be discovered while trekking on your own. These are the perfect tools to help you get a better of what to explore when you get here!


rafting kayak floating down the Grand Canyon river


The Colorado River Raft Tour offers photos that are step by step through the rafting, so you get the entire experience! Use their maps and resources to know exactly where you are throughout your journey.


sunset over a lake


You can also enjoy wide open views over Lake Powell and all of the sights with AirPano’s virtual helicopter tours! Choose your own path over the water and use the right navigation menu to see different points on the lake! Horseshoe Bend also has their own virtual tour here.


night sky overlooking Lake Powell


When you’re planning your next vacation, book with Grand Canyon Rentals to save 20% on your stay when you use promo code 598770. This code is valid through April 30, so spend your next weeks of isolation planning and give yourself something to look forward to!