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What’s In a Name?

view of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park offers a vast history for everyone visiting to see, but have you ever wondered how different places got their name?

John Wesley Powell is infamous in his role for coming across the Grand Canyon on his way down the Colorado River. It is noted by several that he immediately began called this location the “Grand Canyon of the Colorado River” and the name stuck!

In 1890, the Bright Angel Trail was more commonly known as Cameron’s Trail, after Ralph H. Cameron, who would go on to become an Arizona Senator. After settling near the canyon rim, he quickly recognized there was a great opportunity for tourism in the area. This led him to build a hotel with his brother. After Coconino County purchased the land, it was renamed to the Bright Angel Trail.

The El Tovar Hotel was originally known as the Harvey House after it was built by Fred Harvey in 1905. This was first of many hotels to be built within a national park, Fred Harvey put his luxurious touch here to create a destination resort just feet from the Grand Canyon. Pedro de Tobar is credited with discovering Tusayan, and in turn, the hotel was renamed El Tovar to honor him.

a close up of a horse drawn carriage traveling down a dirt road

During your stay at the Grand Canyon, there’s so much to learn about how this historic landmark came to be. Visit the Trail of Time to get an even more in-depth look with incredible views along the way!

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