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About Us

Grand Canyon Rentals Adventures

We founded Grand Canyon Rentals Adventures to give travelers an option to see the Grand Canyon area in a way they’d never been able to before. There’s something about being out in nature and becoming one with the machine you’re driving that makes the experience unique from anything else. We realized this and wanted to make that feeling available for others.

We can give unique trip advice from our recommended trails to our go-to restaurants. We strive to make your dream vacation possible! There’s nothing quite like the Grand Canyon and the surrounding areas, and we want to show you why!

What’s Included

Each vehicle comes with safety equipment such as goggles and helmets. There will also be a GPS built into the vehicle with pre-loaded* routes for you to explore! Check our map to see which route is best for you!

*Varies by model and can’t be guaranteed.

When to Rent

We have flexible booking options for when you would like to use the vehicle. You can choose to rent hourly, half days, full days, or from sunset to sunrise. Click View Our Rentals for pricing and available timeframes.

Who Can Drive

Anyone over the age of 18 years with a valid driver’s license can rent and operate the vehicle. There is a 48-inch height requirement for children. Children around the age of 8 years typically meet this requirement.

Damage Deposits

There is a $1,500 refundable damage deposit. Upon arrival when picking up the unit, the damage deposit will be collected and also 40$ damage insurance fees will be applied. The damage deposit and charge are non-negotiable. The damage deposit will be released when the vehicle is returned with no damage.

Our goal is to give you a welcome home feeling from the moment you book until the moment you check out. We strive to make your dream vacation possible! We believe there’s nothing quite like the Grand Canyon and want to show you why!

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