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Know Before You Go

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We are so excited for our opening of Grand Canyon Rentals Adventures and the ability to give our guests a new way to explore! Do you have questions before you arrive? We’ve got you covered!


What’s the best way to book?

For a seamless check-in experience, we recommend booking online. By the time you arrive at our storefront, you will only need to show your driver’s license! You can choose your date, the length of time you would like to book and you will receive our agreement via e-mail. We’ll have you on your way in no time! If you would like to visit our storefront, we can get you set up there as well! We also have our promo code GRAND2020 online to save you 20% off!


What will be in the ATV?

We provide you with a cooler, water bottles, goggles, helmet and balaclavas! There will also be a tablet with OnX GPS software to help you navigate your way around the trails. If you ever feel like you’re lost, you can call us anytime! LinX Tracking devices are on each ATV, so we can help you get back to where you want to go!


How long can I rent for?

We have three options for a time period – full day (8 hours), half day(4 hours), and short-term (2 hours).


Who can drive the ATV?

We require the renter to be 18 years old. Anyone with a valid driver’s license may drive the vehicle!


How will I know where I can go?

There are pre-loaded routes available on the tablet to help you determine a way if you’re not sure. You do not have to opt to go one of these specific routes. It is recommended to stay on dirt roads unless you have no choice but to drive on paved roads. For example, when entering and exiting Grand Canyon Rentals Adventures, you will have to drive on paved roads. We encourage everyone to read the signs in place within Grand Canyon National Park for instructions about specific roads.


Do I need a park pass?

Yes, you will need a park pass to go inside the Grand Canyon National Park. There is a gift shop next door that sells them or you can purchase them online ahead of time here. If you choose to purchase your pass online, you are able to show your digital pass rather than have a hard copy present with you.

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