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Top 5 Trails: Tanner Trail

a canyon with a mountain in the background

November 17th is National Take A Hike Day, so it only felt appropriate for Grand Canyon Rentals to boast on some of the gorgeous and advanced hikes that Arizona has to offer!

We kick off a five piece blog series with one of our favorites, Tanner Trail.

Tanner Trail has a full distance of 13.3 miles and gains an elevation of 5,288 feet. This hike is not for the faint of heart! Many who have hiked their way there and back will tell you it’s for an intermediate hiker, if not advanced.

A great thing to note here is that through this hike, there is no water along the way! Make sure you before you take off that you have plenty of bottles filled. What you will find is one of the most scenic routes — between the beach and the almost constant view of the tower, you’ll have a great navigational tool to know just how far you’ve come. Around each corner awaits gorgeous views of each sight, including basking in the Grand Canyon.

If you’re looking to train with carrying water, making this trek could be great for you if you’re staying overnight. This trail can be done in one long round trip, but making a few days of it can be so much better! Soaking in every step, you’ll be able to take in everything you pass at a slower rate. There’s so much to see – so bring your camera & extra battery packs!

On your way to Tanner Beach, you’ll meet views of the Colorado River! The walls of the Grand Canyon truly surround you more than what can be said with words. The different shades stand out with red, brown, beige, white and more. This is a guest favorite for spots to call it “home” for the night! There’s no better way to relax than with the sounds of the Colorado River crashing against the canyon.

Grand Canyon Rentals offers the perfect budget friendly rental for you to use the night before your big hike down Tanner Trail or a spot to rest after your big day!

This IS a hike that requires permits which you can find here: Backcountry Permit Request

Take a look at our photo gallery below!


a body of water with a mountain in the background a canyon with a mountain in the background