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Book Direct & Save Big!

a close up of a canyon

You’ve heard the term “book direct”, but what does it mean? There are a lot of sites out there competing for your business and they make their money from implementing service fees at your cost! It hurts a lot of people’s pocket to know they could have saved hundreds on their rental if only they could have found the company’s website first!

What Book Direct means: finding the rental you want is hard enough and using a third-party booking engine can have it’s advantages! At the end of the day, you can browse hundreds of vacation rentals on one site. Sometimes, by a simple Google search of the area, you can find your perfect rental and book directly through their website!

Why It Saves You Money to Book Direct: When you book through a third-party company, you are paying them for helping you find your perfect rental. You’ll always notice a “service fee” — that isn’t from the vacation rental company, it’s the cost you pay for using this service of searching an entire area and seeing different companies! Services fees can vary anywhere from $20 to $499, so booking directly with a property manager can add extra money to your budget for your dream vacation.

How It Helps: Most vacation rental companies or individual owners are locally owned and operated, so coming directly to them means many things! You’ll receive individualized service and help a small business accomplish their dreams! Grand Canyon Rentals is proud to be a veteran owned business and their founder is the head of their day to day activities! Pick up the phone and speak to him directly at any time during your stay and you will see the difference in working with a large vacation rental business and a locally operated property manager!

Make the Most of Your Vacation: What would you do with an extra $499 in your pocket? We’ve got a few ideas! Pick your favorite restaurants in the area and have a treat or two or Book one of Papillon’s tours
and tell the story for ages!

Visiting the Grand Canyon offers endless opportunities for adventure and means knocking another check off your bucket list, so make the most of it today by booking directly in one of our rentals here!