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Bright Angel Trail to Plateau Point

a cactus in a desert

If you’re joining us for our five piece blog series on Grand Canyon hikes, you can catch up on our last post about Tanner Trail here!

This week we’re diving into the Bright Angel Trail and so many of it’s perks! Enjoy shade, views and bathrooms – not to mention water every 1.5 miles, perfect for an experienced hiker or an amateur looking for adventure!

You can turn around any time you like as this is an out and back hike, so you can make it into your own depending on what time of year you’re visiting! No matter how much experience you’ve had, it’s always important to know what you’re venturing into.

Specifically focusing on Plateau Point via Bright Angel Trail, this hike is very difficult and is advised for the cooler months! A great part of the hike to note is that you will find water resources every 1.5 miles, so you will be able to refill. You’re looking at a total of 12.2 miles and offers an elevation change of 3,156. You can expect roughly 7 and a half hours, depending on your stops. Many hikes, both experienced and not, note that the uphill hike can be brutal, so leaving earlier in the morning can help you avoid the hotter temperatures and make downhill climb a breeze!

If you’re looking for scenic views, this hike does not disappoint! You’ll meet expansive views paired with fossils, so it is renowned and as well worth it! You can view our photo gallery below this blog to see what you’re in for!

When you’re packing, don’t forget to pack the food so you are able to fuel yourself with the hike back up that we mentioned earlier!

a cactus in a desert a canyon with a mountain in the background a canyon with a mountain in the background