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Top 5 Hikes: Trail of Time


Thanks for joining us for our 5 piece blog set here at Grand Canyon Rentals! Our last two blogs have been for the more experienced hiker, but now we want to turn to a hike well-known and a bit easier if you’re not as seasoned!

The Trail of Time takes you 1.7 miles into the 13 mile long Rim Trail and offers you insight into the the vast history of the Grand Canyon walls! Explore almost 1 million years and the breakdown of what the canyon walls have been through geologically! This trail is accessible from the Grand Canyon Village with parking or you can use one of the free shuttle buses that will drop you off at the beginning or end of the trail!
You are sure to learn more than you ever imagined while visiting this trail & it’s timeline of how the Grand Canyon came to be! A walking guide is available at both ends of this trail and you are greeted with huge views!
The Trail of Time was opened & dedicated in 2010 in a partnership with the Grand Canyon National Park and the University of New Mexico. This partnership was made in the hopes that by sharing with visitors some of the rocks and artifacts from the depths of the canyons, everyone can visit and feel like they have learned more of the Earth’s history and understand how precious the Grand Canyon truly is!
Sitting at the South Rim Entrance, this trail is just a short trip from Grand Canyon Rentals and can be paired easily with visiting other attractions through the day!
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