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Top 5 Hikes: Grandview Point to Horseshoe Mesa

We are 4 blogs into our 5 blog series about hiking through the Grand Canyon trails and we couldn’t be more excited!

Last week we ventured into a very easy hike, the Trail of Time, so this week we’re going with a moderate hike – Grandview Point to Horseshoe Mesa!

This hike is an out and back hike marked as moderate. You’re totaling 5.5 miles with an elevation change of roughly 2,385 feet!

Throughout this trail you can see the path is lightly trafficked and many people agree to not underestimate the trek back up! Start early on this trail, as you will get lots of direct sun! Pack your poles so that you have them when you need them – this trail will call for them throughout!

We always want to note water availability through your hike and this trail has none, so pack up for what you can expect to be an entire day hike!

Many people who make this hike point to how incredible it is to reach Horseshoe Mesa – finding ancient mining ruins and views like no other. You’ll be fulfilled with this hike, as there are views through the entire path. Plan to make it for sunrise and watch the sunrise hit the canyon walls for extra inspiration!

This trail is very steep and goes down very fast, which can make this a little more treacherous in the winter months!

The Colorado River meets you at certain turns, where you can see the water running abundantly. This trail is not one of the corridor trails, so it is not maintained, although they park service will make sure it’s clear. All of these things are more to consider when planning the time for your hike!

As you’re traveling through the trail, you’ll notice Horseshoe Mesa doesn’t seem to get any closer, but fear not! The elevation changes keeps you going up and down, so you’ll want to watch the markers to show you just how far you’ve come!

We love the spring hikes here; the birds are chirping and the new wildflowers are blooming! Temperatures will stay low in the mornings and you can worry less for how the direct sun will impact your hiking through the day.

One of the most amazing parts is finding where Native Americans actually lived in the cliff overhangings. You’ll see where fires were made and ancient ruins taking you to another time in the world! No cell phones, no internet!

We hope everyone takes the time for this hike! This is one of many hikes that will truly show you the beauty of the Grand Canyon!

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