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National Plan a Vacation Day – January 25!

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Need a vacation?

You’re not the only one. The stress of living with the pandemic for nearly two years has taken a toll on workers’ mental health. According to a study from Destination Analysts, more than two-thirds (68%) of American workers feel at least moderately burned out and 13% are extremely burned out.

This National Plan for Vacation Day, the U.S. travel industry is doing its part to combat the burnout blues by encouraging Americans to plan all of their days off for the year at the beginning of the year. We’re joining organizations across the country to share tips, planning resources, destination ideas and other incentives for Americans to get the most out of their earned time off.

If you need some vacation inspiration, check out Grand Canyon Rentals Adventures, where we can help you plan a hike, ride, or just a trip to enjoy the outdoors!

Take some time on January 25 to dream of—and plan for—brighter days.

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