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Seasons at the Grand Canyon

At Grand Canyon Rentals, we are gearing up for warmer weather and the tourists returning. Spring time is one of our most magical times of the year, as the temperature is rising and the leaves are re-appearing. Keep reading to learn more about each season at the Grand Canyon!


Spring time is one of our favorites because it marks the beginning of a new seasonal time and different places are re-opening after the new year! Families come from near and far to spend spring break sightseeing and exploring all of the natural beauty. Late spring tends to be a hiker’s favorite, as the temperatures allow for hiking comfortably throughout the day! If you plan to visit late spring or early summer, be sure to use our promo code MD2020 to save 15% off your stay!


Summer is another family favorite vacation time. Temperatures soar from 90 to 115 degrees, which can be enjoyable after a cold winter. After a day of tourist attractions, relax at your rental and fire up the grill! It’s a perfect time to watch the sunset and stargaze under our new gazebos! Whitewater rafting is also even more fun in the summer. The Colorado River and Lake Powell offer two great experiences on the water!


Fall is when hiking comes into full swing again. The temps are ideal, the leaves on the trees are changing, and the canyon walls are less populated. If you are looking for seclusion and less crowds, fall is a great time for you to enjoy the Grand Canyon! You will also want to remember that the weather can be ever changing, so come prepared with layers and extra supplies!


While winter is full of snow and some businesses shut down, it is also hailed as the “secret season” because of how beautiful and quiet the area is. There are virtually no wait times or lines for anything. If you’re on a tight budget, visiting during the winter is also worth it! Prices drop and long term stays are cheaper than any other time of the year!


Now that you know more about each season, book your stay with us at Grand Canyon Rentals and start planning your next adventure! As always, if you have any questions, you can reach out to us directly and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.