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Grand Canyon Star Party 2022

a large mountain in the background

If you’re looking for a fun family event that everyone can enjoy, check out the Grand Canyon Star Party. Each year in June, people from all over the world come to visit and stargaze, with summer being the best months to see the stars! 

Join us June 18th through 25th for this year’s Star Party. There is no fee for the event, just the cost of a park pass! Each evening, programs will be held, as well as, telescope viewings behind the Visitor’s Center. Park rangers will offer constellation tours at 9, 9:30, and 10 pm.

Many guests who have visited call the Grand Canyon the “Trillion Star Getaway” for it’s amazing view and clear skies — it’s also one of the most amazing places to see the Milky Way! 

a canyon with a sunset in the background

Throughout the course of this event, guests are encouraged to avoid using regular flashlights with just the lighting. You can make your flashlight red by using red nail polish, a red marker, or red cellophane. By doing this, you are making the experience better for everyone trying to stargaze!

Overnight accommodations are strongly recommended. You can reserve your stay with Grand Canyon Rentals and book a budget-friendly room that can fit any size group!